Thursday, September 4, 2014

ASL Student Organizations

Opportunities to Serve the School, the Community, and the Profession

This week, we held a bar-b-que that gave student organizations an opportunity to recruit members.  

I profiled all, or nearly all, of ASL's student organizations in a series of posts beginning in August 31, 2013 that continued through October 2013.

They are:

Pro Bono Legal Service Providers:
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA
  • VITA Tax Services (VITA
  • Great Eastern Trail Project (GET
Law Journals:
  • Appalachian Journal of Law (AJoL)
  • Appalachian Natural Resources Law Journal (ANRLJ)
Student Government:
Legal Fraternities:
  • Blackwell Inn Phi Delta Phi (PDP
  • Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International (PAD
Focus on Substantive Law:
  • ADR Society 
  • Criminal Law Society (CLS
  • Education Law Society (ELS
  • Energy and Mineral Law Society (EMLS
  • Environmental Law Society (ELS
  • Innocence Project 
  • International Law Society (ILS
  • Patent Law Association (PLA
  • Sports & Entertainment Law Society (SELS
  • Sutin Public-Interest Association (SPIA
Affinity Groups:
  • Appalachian Women in the Law (AWIL
  • Black Law Students Association (BLSA
  • Christian Legal Society (CLS
  • Gay/Straight Legal Association (GSLA or Outlaw) 
  • Hamilton Society (veterans)
Political Viewpoints:
  • Democratic Law Society (DLS
  • Republican Law Society (RLS
  • Federalist Society (conservatives/libertarians) 
  • American Constitution Society (ACS
Geographic Groups:
Sports Groups:
Other Groups: 
For more information about these student organizations, take a look at the late August, September, and early October 2013 postings at The Red Velvet Lawyer  Keep in mind that some of the listed officers have changed.  

For information about funding or creating an organization, see here and here

ADR as a First Career: Stories from the Field

Tell Your Story!

This invitation comes from one of my very ambitious ADR colleagues. Please take her up on the invitation to share your stories.

Hi all,

I wanted to share with you a new video blog project I started focusing on ADR as a first career. This video blog is a place to share and read about individuals who chose to begin their professional career in the ADR field. Check it out at here.

The purpose of the blog is to explore how successful the next generation of ADR professionals has been in pursuing careers in ADR straight out of law school or graduate school. To do so, I am trying to gather ADR as first career stories by encouraging folks to upload videos about their own experiences or schedule an interview with me in which I will create a video to upload on their behalf. It is very simple to do (you can see others have already started participating), and you can even create your own video straight from the blog itself.

I’d love it if you would share your story – if you need any help with creating a video, just let me know. And please pass along this announcement to colleagues who might like to share their story or ask them to contact me directly. just shared a guest post where I went into much more detail about the video blog. You can check out that post here.

Thanks and I look forward to watching your videos!