Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The "Sunday Summit"

Tracking Gains,
Setting Weekly Goals,
Holding Yourself Accountable

Yesterday, I described my productive use of three snow days and the "satisfaction of completion."  Today, I want to describe a tool my business coach, Christine Kane, advised me to use in her UpLevel Your Life on-line coaching program.

She calls the tool the "Sunday Summit" because she encourages you to use it once a week to plan your intention for the week.  I have used it every week for three years.

The 2-page tool consists of eight questions.  The questions on page one help you focus on gains made the last week and create accountability for missed goals. 

The questions are:

1.  What have I accomplished this week?
2.  Is there anything I wanted to accomplish but did not?
3.  What a-ha's or awakenings have I had this week?
4.  What challenges am I experiencing?
5.  If I were coaching myself, what would I tell myself about those challenges?

The second page shifts focus to the coming week.  The questions are:

6.  What are my top three priorities for this coming week?
7.  If I could get nothing else done this week but ONE THING, what one thing would I choose to do?  What one thing would make me happy and proud?
8.  How do I want to feel this week?  Who do I want to BE? 

I really like the first question.  As a busy professional woman, I always have a long to-do list.  This question gives me a moment to savor my accomplishments and celebrate the progress I have made.  Threes on the enneagram have an especially hard time doing this, so this tool can help them.

For Question 7, I can almost never pick just one thing as the week's priority.  I typically have three must-do projects for each week.  If I fail to complete one of them, I roll it to Questions 2 and 6 of the Sunday Summit for the next week. 

Three questions attempt to capture mindset, emotions, and softer aspects of weekly success.   When I look back over the collection of Sunday Summits that I have created, the answers to Questions 4, 5, and 8 often prove most revealing about the growth I am experiencing.

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