Thursday, August 6, 2015

Countdown from Qatar: Farewell Letter from my Stepmom

I've talked about letting go of family in an earlier post.  After the visit in July from my Dad, Jerry, and my Stepmom, Dottie, I got a couple of emails that I'd like to share.  If you want to know how I have the "courage" to make this move as a 61-year old woman, these emails provide some insight.  I am reproducing them with permission.  

My Dad married Dottie several years after my Mom, Jo Ann, died of colon cancer at the age of 61.  Dottie, with a Ph.D. in education, brought along a large extended family that placed its large and loving reach securely around Dad.  She has been a generous, supportive, and loving spirit in my life.  

Hi Paula, tutoring [for at-risk grade school readers] ended yesterday.  Just saw your posting of old cabinet and assume you sold it.  How is the rest of moving moving along?  

So happy we had a chance to visit.  And love the posting you made on/lauding your friendship with Kenn Ann.  That truly what REAL friendships are all about, lots of time, terrain and differences but friend love abides through all.  Wonderful for both of you!

What is your departure date?  I'll definitely be standing by to see you off, across and making a new home.  Some of it difficult, but exciting to move forward in new territory.  

Please send lots of photos to educate us about the country and it's citizens, it will be a wonderful travelogue for young and old.  Message when you need companionship or support, we're here for you.  Never would I have imagined in my youth such simple and diverse ways to be informed and in touch.  

My heart goes with you, wishing and praying for many blessings. 

Love  Dottie

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