Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Attitudes About Living a Creative Life

Devotion to the Work

I've been sharing some of my favorite quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert's new book: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear (2015).  These quotes explore attitudes about doing the work:

  • Measure your work by your dedication to your path.
  • Focus on the devotion to my creative work.  That is how to measure my worth.  I only have control over my discipline.
  • Just say what you want to say, then say it with all your heart.
  • Write a book to entertain yourself, not to help someone else.
  • Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.
  • Work on your craft every day with steady discipline and love.
  • Make absolutely whatever you want to make.  It's nobody's business but your own.
  • Write with the fealty of a holy pilgrim.
  • Frustration is not an interruption of the process.  Frustration is the process.
  • Mere completion is an honorable achievement in its own right.  What's more, it's a rare one.
  • Release something that is good enough. 
  • Don't rush through the experiences and circumstances that have the most capacity to transform you. 
  • Never be ashamed of the work.  You did your best with what you knew, and you worked with what you had, in the time that you were given.
  • You were invited and you showed up. You cannot do more than that.
With that coaching, I am tackling my pending writing projects with new attitudes and energy.  

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