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Student Organizations: ASL Softball Team

The Appalachian School of Law 
Softball Team

The Appalachian School of Law Softball Team (ASLST) has two purposes:
  • To organize and run the ASLST for the benefit and enjoyment of all the members of the ASL community who wish to participate; and
  • To organize and run the ASLST, which participates in the Annual University of Virginia School of Law Softball Invitational in Charlottesville, VA. 
The current members of the ASLST choose new members twice a year.  Members must be students (and not alumni) and they pay an annual dues of $10.  While the organization's Constitution contains a non-discrimination clause, it still reserves the right to base selections for this athletic team based on the ability to perform the activities related to the group's purpose.  The Executive Officers choose the final team roster for the tournaments.

They consider skill, ability, attitude, participation, and team need.

The organization has two regular meetings, apart from practices, for the following purposes:
  • To provide an overview of the team to interested participants;
  • To obtain signatures of Waiver and Release;
  • To set a practice schedule for the fall semester; and 
  • To elect new officers in the spring semester.  

Annual University of Virginia School of Law Softball Invitational in Charlottesville, VA

In 2013, UVA hosted the 30th year of this tournament, which drew 1,500 law students from across the country. It involved 106 softball teams from 50 law schools located in 18 states and Washington, D.C. Those teams played 268 games over the week-end.

The tournament raised $20,000 for Charlottesville's Children, Youth and Family Services, a local nonprofit organization that seeks to address poverty, child abuse and neglect, parenting, child care quality, teen and family conflict, and early learning. Over the past 14 years, the tournament has donated $185,000 to CYFS. In addition, this year's tournament donated $3,000 to UVA Law's Public Interest Law Association, to fund students working in public service jobs over the summer.

The tournament was held on softball fields at The Park and Copeley Field at UVA, Washington Park, Piedmont Virginia Community College, Darden Towe Park and Charlottesville High School.

UVA's own Men's Gold team won the tournament this past year, beating a team fielded by Florida Coastal.

ASLST Team Record

In the spring 2004 semester, the sole ASL team placed 3rd at the tournament under the skillful coaching of Adam Hall, now a successful Kentucky lawyer. 

In the spring 2007 semester, sixty-four teams from law schools all across the country participated in the event.  ASL placed fourth among all teams competing.  

In the spring 2008 semester, ASL again sponsored two teams that played in the tournament in which 150 teams participated.  One of the ASL teams placed third overall in the co-ed division despite the increased number of teams participating.

Associate Professor Priscilla Harris serves as the faculty advisor for the team. 

If you have any information about win-loss experience for this team, please send it to me.

February 4, 2014 Update:  

ASL has always participated in the Co-Ed or Co-Rec division of UVA North Grounds Tournament (and not the Men's Division).  

In 2009, the Appalachian Green Team became tournament champions when they won the Co-Rec Division. 

The Appalachian Green team (which included Jason Gallagher, an associate at the Street Law Firm) moved into the bracket for the last day of play, Sunday, with a 76 - 8 total run differential after defeating Columbia Law, Washington & Lee Law, and Michigan Law on Saturday.  

The team proved that not only does defense win championships, but so does "insane dedication."  After their first round bye, the team crushed New England Law, Cardozo Law, and tourney host UVA Law by a run differential of 70 - 17, advancing to the Final Four.  There, they defeated an impressive Baltimore Law team to advance to the Finals against Maryland Law.  

The final game was never close, as the Appalachian team jumped ahead early.  Appalachian Green went on to win the championship game 18 - 3.  Many law schools and several tournament officials throughout the weekend commended the ASL teams for their sportsmanship and friendly attitudes.  Both softball teams proudly represented ASL.

We have had multiple Final Four and Elite Eight appearances over the years.  We are always the smallest law school in the Tournament, but play with the biggest hearts.  As a result, we have consistently beaten much bigger schools, including:

Boston College
Penn State
University of Maryland, and  
University of Virginia

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