Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The UpLevel Vortex: Finding Clients (Part 2)

Make a List.
Do it Twice.

In my last post, I described the first steps in finding clients for your products or services.  Today, I promised to talk about the sources of clients.  Christine Kane, in her business coaching programs, suggests we consider three sources of clients:

  • People you know;
  • People other people know; and
  • People "who gather."

People You Know

Selling yourself to people you know if by far the easiest place to start.  After all, if you have lived and acted appropriately, these people love you, respect you, and care about your success.  Quite simply: "People buy from people they know, like, and trust," says Christine.  

These folks, however, need information about what you offer, how you work, and whom you want to serve before they can refer ideal clients to you, including themselves. 

Make a List

So, list one hundred people that you know.  Yes, sit down with two blank pieces of paper and put one name on every line of both sheets.  Then, try to expand the list to two hundred people. Then, try to extend the circle of potential contacts even wider. 

Include extended family members, school friends, church family members, and people you know through associations, civic organizations, or recreational groups.

Next post, I'll talk briefly about the concept of the "warm letter" as a referral generating tool.  For more information, you'll have to read the books I listed in my last post. 

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