Sunday, June 29, 2014

UpLevel Vortex: Getting Clients

Not Hope!

So back to the 3-day conference held by Christine Kane for clients in her UpLevel Your Business, Gold Mastermind, and Platinum Coaching programs ---

The last element of the first day of coaching covered "How to Get Clients."  ASL graduates and other lawyers:  Pay Attention!

So, what are the mistakes we make?

  • Your only strategy is HOPE.
  • You drank the social media Kool-Aid.  
  • You think on-line marketing means never having to deal with actual people.
  • "Hey, if I'm good, clients will just find me.
  • The one-and-done approach.
So, what shifts can you make to improve your ability to attract ideal clients?

  • Think clearly and develop a marketing strategy.
  • Then, implement the marketing strategy authentically and consistently.
  • Build your business or practice by working one-on-one with clients, serve them very well, and then use them as referral sources.
  • Use social media as one vehicle while you set up an easier and more complete strategy. 
  • Clear your mindset blocks around being seen and about relationship marketing.  
  • Own your value. UpLevel your pricing. 
  • Work on your worthiness issues.  
  • Learn and apply follow-through strategies.

Here are the books on referral and relationship marketing we've read over the last year in the coaching program:
Christine Kane reminds us that finding ideal clients requires three important things:
  • You need to know whom you serve.
  • You need a source of clients.
  • You need something valuable to offer. 
In a prior post, I discussed identifying your ideal client -- whom you serve.

In my next post, I'll talk about the sources of clients.

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