Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The UpLevel Vortex: Core Truths About Your Business

that Create Space 
for Growth

This week, I've been describing the conference I attended the first week of June as a member of Christine Kane's Gold Mastermind program.  The three-day conference offered about 300 heart-centered entrepreneurs many ways to think about the businesses were creating.   

On the first morning, Christine, our coach, suggested a shift in mindset.  As part of the shift in mindset, Christine encourages her clients/students to abandon limiting beliefs, actions based in fear, inertia, or waiting to act when  . . . .   

Instead, she encourages her clients to substitute a belief system that encourages growth and business development.  

The core truths she advocates are:
  • I have unlimited income in my business.
  • I am at CAUSE in my business.
  • My challenges contain the raw material for my highest-level solutions.
  • Marketing creates value and energy.  Marketing is the only way to spread my message and grow my business. It is nothing more than effective communication.
  • I am creating a NEW ECONOMY with my business.
  • Selling is service.  When I sell, I am giving someone an opportunity to invest in their results through my service or product. 
  • I am not “the norm.” It’s up to me to honor my business by creating a support system that helps me lead from this space. 

Powerful, action-creating beliefs.

The heart-centered businesswoman attracted to this program deeply believe that they are improving themselves in order to improve the lives of other people through service and products, and more importantly, to have a positive impact on the world.  They seek to be extraordinary and to offer extraordinary service to others.

While these core values might be aspirational in many contexts, I have seen friends in the program apply them consistently and get results they deserved because of their commitment and action.  

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