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UpLevel Vortex: How I've Changed Since the Last Conference

Clarity, Wealth, and Community:  #UYB2014

In my last post, I described my experience as a student of Christine Kane's coaching programs

Since that post, I joined her affiliate program, and I will earn a referral fee for anyone signing up for her programs who mentions me as a reference.  I am making that clear, just so you know that I have some mixed motives at this point for creating these particular posts. At the same time, I have not joined any other affiliate program, and I wouldn't become an affiliate unless I thought I was promoting a high-quality program.

Ok, so where did I leave off?  I was telling you how I knew I had had some very big changes since the June 2013 Uplevel conference in Atlanta.  Here are some of the signs.


In December 2013, I picked three words to remind me of my goals for 2014. One was "launch."  On Monday, before I left for Atlanta, I launched my own online teaching program -- Mediation with Heart: Web-Based Training for Change Agents.  Through it, I hope to teach an approach to mediation that marries more feminine energy with the more masculine energy of traditional negotiation. 

Later, I'll launch a second program -- Nice Bitches Negotiate: Getting What You Want While Preserving Relationships.   Through it, I hope to teach "other-oriented" women how to tap into and use more masculine energies to get what they want and need to satisfy themselves, protect their loved ones, and help their businesses grow.

Even thinking about these programs in terms of the "energy" I am eliciting in students is a big reflection of my own growth and change through the Gold Mastermind program.  

As Christine constantly says, I needed clarity about what I was offering.  And, when I finally found it this week, it also provided balance to my offerings that had not existed before. I truly felt and needed the yin and yang of the two programs and the yin and yang within them.  

I thank all the members of Gold Mastermind who gave me plenty of support and encouragement to tap into this aspect of my own person. 


In December, I also chose the word "wealth" to remind me of the shift I wanted to make in my attitudes about money and abundance. Last year, I remember sitting in the lobby wondering whether I would have enough cash to pay the hotel bill.  I ate in the food court to save money, and then I worried whether I would have enough money to get out of the parking lot, much less pay for the gas I needed to get home.  

This year, I had none of those worries. I had more money to spend. I booked a more expensive room (and only later shared it with a roommate).  I ate wonderful food in the nearby Atlanta restaurants, including upscale Thai food five times in four days.  And, I had a stress free drive home through the North Carolina mountains. 


I also have a community of inspiring, determined, smart, ambitious, loving women (and a few men) who also shared the Gold Mastermind experience.  They will be life-long friends.  

Several of them appeared on the stage near the end of the second day giving testimonials about their own path of growth, clarity, and success. It brought tears to my eyes to see them there.  

Fett Nashville, one of the "Goldies" featured on stage along with his partner, Nancy, had this to say:
So many ["ah-ha" moments this past year], but the biggest one is that we (both us as individuals, and this group collectively) are TOTALLY different people than we were a year ago at UYB2013. And it's impossible to go backwards from here. Once you know, you know, and what you've learned cannot be unlearned.   
Nancy and I were so excited watching the newbies experience the same excitement, fears, overwhelm, joy, etc. that we all experienced a year ago, knowing that, for those who declare "I'm in!" life will never be the same again. 
That, Folks, is POWER!
I remember, last year, coming to the Atlanta conference and not knowing a soul. This time, I was surrounded by warm hugs of welcome (and goodbye) and the humor of my hotel roommate, Hilary Cummings.

The "UpLevel Vortex" has given me connections to trusted experts offering services I will use to support my budding business, my health, and my well-being. 

And, it has given me such an easy way to support other women entrepreneurs. I have already used many of the services they offer, including EFT from Frauke Mobius.  I plan to take advantage, in the coming year, of other expertise they have in web-design, copy-writing, logo design, and branding.

I have not signed up for Gold Elite, but I will continue to see the public Facebook postings of my year-long friends. Thanks to everyone who created the "UpLevel Vortex."  You are some very special folks.

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