Tuesday, June 10, 2014

UpLevel Vortex: Spending Almost a Week with Amazing Entrepreneurial Women (and Men)

Inspired Coaching for Heart-Centered Business Owners

Go, #UYB2014. I just got back from nearly a week in Atlanta, basking in the energy of Christine Kane, her coaching team, and of the truly fabulous women who are using her as a business coach.  

Three summers ago, I started in her web-based personal coaching program -- UpLevel You.  On a daily basis, by email and a link to a podcast, I got my lesson and a downloadable pdf worksheet, inventory, or assessment.  This program offered self-directed learning and assessment at its affordable best.

Using a Coach Every Decade or So

I chose the program because it was time for some personal coaching, and I am too far from any in-person coaching opportunities.  I like to work with a personal coach about every ten years.  I highly recommend the process, and if you are interested in Christine's program, here is a link to the opt in page for more information.

UpLevel Your Business

Last spring, I started her on-line program focused on business development -- UpLevel Your Business.  At that time, I had decided to apply the web-based teaching techniques Christine was using with me to develop my own web-based teaching program.  I wanted to teach negotiation and mediation skills to people who live in more rural locations or lead busy lives and want the convenience of lessons they can view at any time via web-based platforms.  The UpLevel Your Business program provided great value for the money but, (intentionally) did not provide all the detail I wanted in strategies, mindsets, marketing, positioning, and the delivery of high-quality content.

Gold Mastermind

So, a year ago this week, I joined her Gold Mastermind program at a significant jump in price.  Out of a room of several hundred people who attended the Atlanta conference last year, about 100 opted in for that mastermind program at $8,000 each.  And, that journey of growth has changed me deeply forever.  How do I know that?  My experience at the 2014 Atlanta conference, held at the same hotel and delivered with largely the same content, was so very different from my experience a year ago.

In my next post, I'll explain why.

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