Friday, December 20, 2013

Just Three Words: An Approach to Annual Goal-Setting

Robin, Launch, & Wealth

During the past month, I've talked about goal setting twice: here and embedded here.  I just found this interesting discussion on how one successful entrepreneur works with goal setting.  Among other things, he picks three words to guide him over the next year.  They help keep him focused on his priorities.

Take a look here.  I'll wait.

For 2014:

My three words for 2014 are these:

Robin:  I am referring to Robin Wright Penn, the actress who plays the wife, Claire Underwood, to Kevin Spacey's character, U.S. House Majority Whip Frank Underwood, in the TV series, House of Cards.  As Claire, she portrays a strong, independent, ambitious, powerful, effective, kind-hearted, stylish, and fit woman who is trying to change the world through her non-profit foundation.  This, folks, is what we all want "50" to look like (even if she is actually 47).  Robin, the actress, has been choosy about the projects she will do and the people she dedicates herself to. Her biographies suggest she is guided by a strong inner voice.

Launch:  I am referring to my plan to launch, this summer, a web-based teaching program for business and professional women who have trouble asking for what they want and need for fear that they will lose love and connection if they assert themselves.  I will teach them how to manage those negotiations so they can protect the relationships they value while getting what they need and want for themselves, their families, their businesses, their employers, and their clients.

Wealth:  I am referring to "wealth consciousness" as described in the book, A Happy Pocketful of Money. Wealth is energy that we should love and share freely.  It brings us freedom, choice, and opportunity.

For 2013:

Looking back at 2013, I would identify with the following three words:

Growth:  I am referring to my decision to take the business coaching programs offered by Christine Kane.  I invested about $9,000 in two coaching programs that have changed my mindset, introduced me to permission marketing, increased my comfort level with technologies and on-line platforms (including blogging), and allowed me to create relationships with a group of motivated, energetic, loving, entrepreneurial women who are changing the world in many diverse and wonderful ways.

Service:  I am referring to my heightened commitment to serve ASL's students and alumni.  I am also thinking about my year-long gig as President of my tribe -- The Virginia Mediation Network.  I could also put that gig under "growth," because it asked me to "lean in."

Courage:  2013 raised many opportunities to succumb to the fears generated by my noisy, ego-driven, left-brain.  Instead, I faced those fears with the knowledge that each challenge created opportunities for growth, learning, and leaning in.  Even my failures taught me how to succeed.

So, what three words would you choose to guide you in 2014?

Dec. 22, 2013 Update:  And, here is some very good advice for goal setting for law students and young lawyers.

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