Monday, December 2, 2013

Red Velvet Lawyer Mentioned in National Jurist Article on the Legal Job Equlibrium

The Red Velvet Lawyer 
Gets Some Notice

In an article predicting when law-related jobs will exceed the number of law school graduates, the National Jurist discussed my blog posting on the same topic, found here.

I want to clarify that my posting attempted to support the prediction made by Prof. Organ at the MAPLA conference in October 2013.  And, as noted in updates to my posting, I am happy that other folks are further examining the data and making a more precise prediction.

I fully support the informed decision-making of any person applying to law school right now.  I also strongly recommend that prospective students work closely with pre-law advisors.  As I have posted elsewhere, they are a highly professional and committed group of people who strive to serve the best interests of the students they advise.

I also noted that 70 percent of prospective law students fail to take advantage of this important resource.

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