Friday, December 27, 2013

The Red Velvet Lawyer Mentioned in AmLaw Daily

In the ongoing discussion about when law graduates and available law jobs will reach equilibrium, Matt Leichter, of the Law School Tuition Bubble blog, has continued to work with the numbers and published in the AmLaw Daily here a story called: No, It's Still Not a Good Time to Apply to Law School. (You may need a subscription to read the story but his blog posting covers all or most of the same data.)

He mentions my launch of this conversation and concludes that Prof. Merritt may have the better analysis. He looks at several more data-bases to reach that conclusion. 

As I've said before, I want prospective students to make decisions about law school using informed decision-making.  The more we talk about the numbers, the more information they have to make better choices about the careers they want to pursue.

I'd invite Leichter to expand his analysis to other professions, because the bubble may be bursting for students attending vet, dental, pharmacy, optometry, and med schools (for two practice areas: primary care and psychiatry).  What an expanded analysis might tell us is that a generation of college graduates will be shut out from using professional schools to climb into or secure a solid middle-class income.    

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