Monday, March 2, 2015

Pushing for Wholeness

May the Force
Be with You

I'm in a very reflective stage right now.  Perhaps the transition to spring reminds me of the path of growth I have walked the last three years. 

As part of that process, I wrote phrases that inspired me on index cards.  First, I tacked the cards to my bedroom wall so I could see them throughout the day.  Later, I tucked them into an envelope.  This week-end, I read through them and decided to share them with you over the next several posts.

Prayers to the Universe

This post takes the broadest view as seen through my collection of phrases.  It talks in terms of the universe, the energetic field, or the force field, but many people would choose instead to talk about God.  I've included the source of the phrase, if I captured it on the card.
  • The force field constantly pushes for wholeness.
  • The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.
  • Absolutely anything is possible!
  • Trust the field of infinite possibilities.
  • You have to open yourself to an identity with that part of the universe that you already possess, but which you may not have been conscious of.  Proof of Heaven
  • The force field is the ceaseless desire of the spirit in me to become all I am capable of being.
  • Find those people in whom spirit has found celebration through them.
  • By changing what I am looking for, I can radically change what shows up in my world.
  • Consciousness itself creates the material world.
  • To ask for something in prayer is simply to lay hold of what's yours.  You have the responsibility to command your life.
  • We draw from the field what we are looking for.  Expect the best!
Yes, I know.  Very woo-woo. 

But another card provided clear acknowledgement of these concepts.  It reads:  "I attracted this job, this boss, this house, this car, this garden, these friends, this debt, these skills, these animals, these clothes, this fitness level, this food, this music, this help, and this family."

So, true.  So, what do I want to attract next?  More about that in the later posts.  

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