Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Vibrations of Energy in the Field of Intention

Alignment with Source and Spirit

Yesterday, I started a series of posts focused on the inspirational phrases I've collected over the last three years.  Today, I want to share the phrases about "energy."
For these purposes, I think of "energy" in very broad terms.  It covers the energy used to take divine inspiration, through thinking about the idea, to voicing and discussing it, to generating even more passion about it, and then to exerting your own will to bring the idea into being. It also covers the energy required to connect with others to manifest the idea in tangible form and action. 

That energy, in turn, connects with the broader energy of the environment in which you live. It also connects to the energy of the earth, the planetary system, deep space, and ultimately to the source of everything we experience in the material world.  
Yes, I know I had you there for a while until I took that turn to woo-woo. Hang in there.
So here are the inspirational phrases that elaborate on these themes:
  • There are really no "objects" [in the world] at all, only vibrations of energy and relationships.
  • Use my energy to become the most fantastic, the most joyful, wondrous, beautiful, tender human being possible.
  • Play and have fun. It's the ultimate energy generator.
  • Make a decision in love and joy.  Avoid the energy of regret.
  • Influence how energy flows through me every day.
  • Just let the extremes go.  Don't feed them any energy.
  • Low energy that weakens us arises from shame, anger, hatred, judgment, and fear.
Tomorrow, I'll talk about "intention." 

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