Saturday, May 26, 2018

Charity Groups Fighting for Civil, Human, Voting, and Environmental Rights

It's Easy: Set Up a Monthly Donation

This morning, my Facebook feed is blowing up over a Huffington Post article about the immigrant kids being separated from their parents at ages as young as 53 months.  For additional information about the situation see here (agency that lost 1500 kids says it is not "legally responsible" for finding them),  here (history of policy),here (Trump blames Democrats for the lost kids), and here (SWOPE's fact check: True).

Many people want to know how they can help support resistance to this and other Trump administration policies affecting civil, human, and environmental rights.

I put together a list of charity groups that support gun law reform.  I post it after every mass or school shooting,  So, in the same vein and with the same purpose,  I am creating this list of organizations that work to protect civil, human, and environmental rights.  If I need to add an organization to the list, please let me know. 

Please donate a monthly amount to the groups of your choice.  I make an automatic payment to five organizations.  Easy.  Put your money where your mouth (or FB outrage) is.   Love all of you.

Here are the donation pages for the leading organizations:

  • Black Voters Matter: 
  • Spread the Vote:  

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