Sunday, May 20, 2018

Week 14: Completing the Last Sections of the Memorandum of Law

Time with my Students is Coming to an End

We have long semesters at Qatar University College of Law.  It means that we are all very exhausted by the last week of the semester.  This year, the Ramadan fast adds another dimension to the challenges of teaching this last week.

I am trying to make it a little easier for students to complete all the sections of the Memorandum of Law that I have taught them to write this semester. They have analyzed the use of the same name, Azul Marine Supply, and a similar trademark in connection with two marine supply shops.  They have used two Qatari trademark cases and several sections of the Qatari code to complete their analysis.  They have listened to and summarized a meeting with the partner, a client interview, and an interview of a confused consumer.  They have learned to brief cases.   They have also learned to conduct legal research in two databases, including Westlaw Gulf.   I have also required them to keep all the handouts in an organized folder.  

This week we will write the Caption, Facts, and Brief Answers of the memo. 

This course challenges students in many ways.  They work across languages and legal cultures.  They struggle with the shift from description to analogic reasoning.  They test my high expectations.  Some try to cheat.  In the end, we teach a skill set and a mindset that I know they will use throughout their careers. 

To my students with nearly perfect attendance records, thank you for you dedication to the course and to your learning.

To my students who turned in all the assignments, bravo!  That alone is a big accomplishment.

To my students who have earned perfect or nearly perfect scores on all the assessments, congratulations on your progress to earning a high grade in the course.

To my students who managed busy lives filled with a job and a family, I admire your time management skills and your desire to get your college degree.

I hope all of you will stop by my office when you are back on campus, either next semester or after graduation.  I want to hear your stories of success.

Know that I care deeply about you and wish you the very best. 

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