Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LSAT Prep Course: You're Welcome!

90 to 100 Percent of Students Improve Their Scores on the Practice Exams

My colleague, Professor Priscilla Harris, noted that many of the students in our region of service --largely rural -- do not have access to a LSAT prep course. Consistent with our mission to serve the community, we began offering one. 

The Appalachian School of Law has now held four LSAT Prep Courses for prospective students and for students from the central Appalachian region.  

Significant Improvements:

This last time -- held February 1, 2014 --all seven students improved their test scores between the first and second practice exams.  

On average each student improved his or her test score by 3.4 points, the difference between being admitted to the law school of the student's choice or qualifying for a scholarship.  

One student saw a 7 point increase in his score on the practice exams!

Students take a practice exam at the beginning of the day.  Then, they end the day with a second practice exam.  We ask students to compare the scores on both exams.  

Course Components:

The course offers day-long instruction on the three types of test sections:  

  • Logical Reasoning, 
  • Analytical Reasoning, and 
  • Reading Comprehension.  

My colleagues -- Associate Professor Alan Oxford, Associate Professor Buzz Belleville, and Assistant Professor and Director of Academic Success and Bar Prep Studies Maryann Herman -- teach these sections of the course.  Buzz "aced" the LSAT when he took it, years ago.

I end the day with a training on 
  • mindset, 
  • test-taking strategies, 
  • time management strategies, 
  • intention setting,
  • goal setting, 
  • test-taking anxiety, 
  • self-sabotaging behavior, 
  • mindfulness meditation, 
  • relaxation breathing, and 
  • the Amy Cuddy power pose.

Other Offerings:

We provide students with a light breakfast and coffee, a picnic lunch, and a LSAT test prep workbook for their home study.

The modest $20 fee covers these expenses.

Several students asked for a tour of the campus, which we plan to offer at future trainings.

For More Information: 

If you are interested in taking the next offering of this course, contact Jackie Pruitt in our Admissions Office at  

P.S. We can take the course on the road if the pre-law advisor at a local college or university would like us to do so. We are happy to serve our community!

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