Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In Search of Goal Setting Words for 2017

Starting in 2014, I began picking three words to remind me of my goals for the year.  Chris Brogan gave me the idea.  Here is his post on the topic. 

In 2014, I picked:  Robin, launch, and wealth.

In 2015, I picked:  Well-being, manifestation, and love. 

Last year, I must have completely forgotten about the goal-setting exercise in the midst of my hectic transition to Qatar.

But, now that I am settled and content in my new location, it is time to find three new words for 2017.

I first though about fierce, physical, and fire.  

These words reflected my response to the Trump election, but also recognized my commitment to health and well-being. 

This week, I started my 19th consecutive week of fitness training. My friend, Heidi, and I meet at 6:30 a.m. four times a week. I swim for 20 or 30 minutes in a 16 meter pool.  She runs.  Then, we lift for another 45 minutes.  

This emphasis on fitness came after a very good health report in July during my medical tourism experience in Thailand with my friend, Jessica.  

Looks like I will follow the path of the Drinkwater women (my maternal line) and live well into my 80s.  So, I better take care of myself!  I have always figured that if you can survive your 60s without dying of cancer, you will live into your 80s.  

Accordingly, any word I choose for 2017 has to reflect this dedication to my health.  Frankly, I've always been a little hard on myself about my fitness level.  This trip to Thailand made me realize that I have taken care of myself in many ways that pay off now. In other words, from now on, I give myself permission to enjoy more of the process of supporting good health.  The outcome does follow.  

Today, on Facebook, someone circulated a goal generator. You could take a screen shot as it flipped through a bunch of words to find the goal for you.  My screenshot words were: Strength. Balance. A cute body.

I like them.  

"Strength" covers many realms, including ethical, emotional, intellectual, relational, spiritual, physical . . . .   

"Balance" will remind me to work less and play more.  It also reminds me that I am looking at more bone fusion surgery some time soon, this time in my left foot.  Keeping physical balance after my life-changing leg break in 2005 has been an ongoing challenge. 

"A cute body" will help me reach Week 54 in my exercise program even if "cute" is way beyond the reach of a 62-year old woman.
But, in the end, these words did not make the cut.  In my next post, I'll tell you the three words that did.  You may be surprised. 

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