Thursday, December 22, 2016

Words that Made the Cut: Not Even Afraid

Goal Setting Words for 2017

When I announced that I planned to move to Qatar, I got one or the other responses.  Nothing in between.  The first response reflected fear: " I could never do that."  The second response looked beyond fear: "What a great adventure!"

In truth, how many 61-year old women sell all their stuff and move to an Arab country?  Admittedly, not many. But, never in that process -- something I blogged about in my 2015 "Countdown to Qatar" series -- was I afraid of the choice I was making.  In fact, I was running towards that new life.  Running.

At one point -- in the selling, moving, packing, storing, and pitching process -- I looked at my personal assistant, Brenda, and said: " All I have to do is just get there!"  Just get through the chaos of transition. Get there.  Everything would be fine. Better, in fact. Much better.

And, I was right.

The theme of this post is finding three words that remind me of my goals for 2017. My introduction has hinted at them.

Here they are.  French.  Defiantly so.  Defiantly post-terrorist attack on the Battaclan Theater and the promenade in Nice. Defiantly post-US election.

Meme pas peur.  The first "e" has a mark over it that I cannot reproduce on my English/Arabic keyboard.  But, here is what the phrase means: "Not even afraid."  Basically, a big French FU. They teach this concept to their kids!  Can you imagine how that influences a culture?

So, how will I apply these words this year?  

First, I am a member of a group of U.S. lawyers that has organized to hold the line on the values I hold dear,  Over 135,000 strong, we plan to face the new administration without fear and with collective smarts.  I will be fearless in the face of whatever the new administration throws our way.   I plan to use my lawyer super powers to protect folks who do not have power or privilege, especially women and people of color.

What other meaning do these three French words hold for me? Not even afraid of travel to interesting places, to write in a stronger voice, to teach with great love and passion, to create a legacy, to lead my tribes, to speak loudly about what is important to me, to push my physical limits, and to test myself against ambitious goals. -- All without fear. 

What do I have to lose?

In one way, I am living on borrowed time.  I will make the most of it.  More about that in a future post.

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