Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Students in Doha

I Love Them to Pieces

I am wrapping up my third semester as a Clinical Professor of Law teaching at the Qatar University College of Law in Doha, Qatar.

I did not anticipate the challenge of teaching undergraduate law students while also addressing the language and cultural gaps between us. Those challenges have made me a better and more supportive teacher. I am so impressed with the students here and their effort to complete my demanding Legal Research and Writing course.

Last week, I shared with them four Facebook posts I had made about them over the second half of the semester. I don't think they 
get much praise like this. It really lit them up.

During Week 11 of the semester, I wrote:
This is the moment in the semester when all the work of the professor and the students begins to pay off in very clear ways. Students become self-sufficient learners. I love it.  
My students are showing up at office hours to work on the drafts of their memorandum of law. They are so sweet. Increasingly more playful with me. And, my gosh, strikingly smart.  I love them so. They really are the future of Qatar. I hope I live another 20 years to see what they accomplish.
Starting Week 13 in my 15 week semester. Students are working hard to meet my expectations. They are surprising themselves with their progress. Time to bring them safely to the end of the semester and ready to take on Legal Writing 2 with confidence.
During Week 13 again:
About 40 percent of my students are coming to my extended office hours to work on their legal memos. They are such a joy. Some plan to come on Saturday, even though it is a holiday week-end. Guess who is showing a growth mindset? 
Just love them to pieces.
And finally: 
Bringing the semester to an end. One more class, a legal research quiz, then two final exams next week. These lovely Arab ladies have mastered the CREAC in a second language. Go, them.

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