Thursday, September 19, 2013

Student Organizations: The Criminal Law Society

Appalachian School of Law Criminal Law Society

The Criminal Law Society is one of the oldest student organizations on campus.

Mission Statement

The Criminal Law Society furthers, within the law school and the legal community, education about criminal law issues. It also provides a forum for individuals within the law school to express views about criminal law.

Activities and Events

The CLS sponsors the annual Barrister's Ball, a black-tie event that benefits local charities.

It also hosts an annual Opening Statement Competition.  The Criminal Law Society also invites speakers and hosts panel discussions on current topics of interest in criminal law.  It collaborated with the Innocence Project to bring Daryl Hunt to campus to discuss his exoneration in 2005 after DNA evidence matched an incarcerated man with the crime scene.  That man later admitted the crime.

In 2011, it hosted a debate between Tamara Neo (Rep.) and Gerald Arrington  (Dem.), an ASL graduate, during their election race for the Buchanan County Commonwealth Attorney's office.

Arrington won the election, making him yet another accomplished alumnus of the Appalachian School of Law.

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