Saturday, September 14, 2013

Student Organizations: The Sports & Entertainment Law Society

The Appalachian School of Law Sports & Entertainment Law Society

Students founded the ASL Sports & Entertainment Law Society in 2006.

Mission Statement

SELS intends to educate, inform, and connect students with the sports and entertainment industry by increasing networking opportunities, hosting seminars and workshops, and building relationships with affiliated organizations.  It aims to raise awareness among students and supplement student knowledge gained in school, courses, and life experiences.  

Membership is open to all students at the school.  

Its affiliated organizations are: the Sports Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association Committee for Sports and Entertainment Law. 

Sponsored Events

SELS co-sponsors the Green Bowl and Spring Fling with the Environmental Law Society.

SELS also began sponsoring a wine tasting event on campus in 2013. 

It also broke in the new student lounge -- in what was the Lower Level Classroom -- with an October Sports Law Night.     

Associate Professor Derrick Howard serves as the faculty advisor.

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