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Student Organizations: The Sutin Public Interest Association

The Appalachian School of Law Sutin Public Interest Association (SPIA)

The Sutin Public Interest Association recognizes the deep-seated commitment our former Dean, L. Anthony (Tony) Sutin, held for serving the public.

Dean Sutin had a distinguished career as a Harvard Law graduate holding a top job in the U.S. Department of Justice before moving to Grundy in 1999.  He hoped the school would enhance economic development in the area and train pubic service-minded lawyers.  The law school continues that focus on service to the community and to the public through its curricular and co-curricular  programs and student organizations.  I blogged about ASL's award-winning community service program here.

Mission Statement

The Sutin Public Interest Association promotes awareness, educates, and empowers public-service-minded law students to uphold Dean Sutin's strong beliefs in serving the public.

Any member of the student body may join this dues-required organization. 

It affiliates with Equal Justice Works, formerly The National Association for Public Interest Law.  

It sponsors a student member to attend the Equal Justice Work's annual national meeting, if possible.  It also sponsors presentations to the student body on isues of public service or public interest law.  

Dean Sutin's Lasting Legacy

Appalachian School of Law recognizes one 3L student every year at its Award Banquet as the recipient of the L. Anthony Sutin Soul of ASL Award.  The award recognizes a person who has gone out of his or her way to help others, chosen the kind word over what he or she may really have felt, or handled adversity with class. His wish was to distribute awards to members of ASL’s community who, through no provocation or desire for recognition, perform random acts of kindness towards others.  Over time, the award has become more exclusive, and now only a distinguished 3L student can win it. 

Other awards named for Tony Sutin include the COPS Civic Imagination Award and the Harvard Law School Public Service Fellowship.

Winners of the L. Anthony Sutin Soul of ASL Award

William R. Sievers
Jeffrey Moore
Lonnie Ayers
Mary Kilpatrick
Scott Hamilton
Sara Garrison
Jessica Cockerham
Jason Arthur
Jean Reynolds

Tyran George
David Whitehurst
Nancy Coulling

Donald R. Sutton

1L:       Cory Vicars
2L:       Bryson Aldridge
3L:       Tyran George

1L:       George J. Smit
2L:       Janice Hensley
3L:       Timothy D. Read

1L:       Bryan Cave
2L:       Sarah McKinney
3L:       Melvin “Artie” Vaughn

1L:       Jacob Eberhart
2L:       Amber Lee
3L:       Candice Mendez

1L:       Drew Taylor
2L:       Charles Sidoti
3L:       Ian McCabe

1L:       Joseph Birchfield
2L:       William Mossor
3L:       Sara Beth Montgomery

3L:       Andrew Taylor

3L:       Elisabeth Griffith

3L:      Candice DuVernois

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