Thursday, September 26, 2013

Student Organizations: The Republican Law Society

The Appalachian School of Law Republican Law Society

The Appalachian School of Law campus hosts two student organizations reflecting party politics: The Democratic Law Society and the Republican Law Society.

The Mission Statement

The Constitution of the Republican Law Society provides:

The mission of this association is to give voice to Republican ideals on and off campus.  The goal of this organization shall be to support Republican candidates on the local and national level as well as encouraging debate and thoughtful awareness of the issues of the day on campus.  
It holds membership open to any and all ASL students and alumni.  It also expressly provides a non-discriminatory clause in the Constitution.  An "active" member must attend two meetings of the group.

Sponsored Events and Activities 

The RLS is perhaps best known for its annual fall event called the All American Ball.  Proceeds from tickets sales benefit various charities, including the Wounded Warrior Project.  It also engages in projects that support Republican candidates for political office.

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