Thursday, January 2, 2014

ASL Distinguished Alumni Profiled in 2013

Distinguished Alumni 
of the 
Appalachian School of Law 
Profiled in 2013

We have plenty to brag about!  I am very impressed by how quickly our graduates assume senior positions with great responsibility.  Our alumni show a strong dedication to public and community service, just as we intended when the founders created the Appalachian School of Law with a focus on ADR, professional ethics, leadership, and community service. 

Beginning in October 2013, I profiled fifteen alumni of ASL who serve in public service jobs.  I want to capture those profiles in one place before moving into 2014.  

So, below you will find the alumni I profiled in 2013, with links to each profile.  I am listing them in the order profiled, and I include the year they graduated from ASL.  

I expect many more profiles to come in 2014.  

In creating these profiles, I intended to serve our alumni, help existing students plan career paths, and help prospective students assess the education ASL offers.   

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