Friday, August 30, 2013

Appalachian School of Law Alumni Hold Prestigious Public Service Positions

A quick review of the postings by scambloggers suggests that ASL grads are a sorry lot.  Too bad the facts say otherwise.

Without going into additional detail, which I will happily do in later postings, I can say with great pride that our graduates have already ascended to these professional heights in public service positions:

  • 1 state legislator (2011 grad)
  • 5 judges (2002-2009 grads)
  • 4 judicial clerks (2007-2012 grads)
  • 6 Commonwealth Attorneys (2000-2008 grads)
  • 4 in Judge Advocates General Corps (2003-2011 grads)
  • 1 in federal government (Soc. Sec. Adm.) (2005 grad)
  • 3 in state government (2004-2006 grads)

This data does not reflect employment by our most recent grads.  

This list reveals that in a very short time after graduation, our graduates assume public service positions that further the service mission of the school, provide financial security for the families of these alumni, and show --  in the best way possible -- that we graduate practice ready lawyers. 

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