Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School: Guided Meditation for Law Students

As I noted in an earlier posting, we welcomed our incoming 1L students to the school on Friday.  They are really quite wonderful people.

I taught two sessions of the Introduction to Law course.  I ended both of the sessions with a guided meditation.  I want to acknowledge that my business coach, Christine Kane, introduced me to this meditation.  I'll post the second one tomorrow.

Getting Vertical Meditation
By Christine Kane (as modified by Paula Marie Young)

Close your eyes
Take a deep breath in your own rhythm
Take another breath
This time see if you can inhale on the count of 4 and slowly exhale on the count of 6, using this Yoga breathing technique to calm the parasympathetic nervous system
Continue to breath in this way, and
Slowly bring your attention to your tailbone
Imagine a cord running from it through the floor to the center of the Earth
Imagine it as a gold cord
It’s beautiful and radiant
And, at the end of it hangs a gold brick
That swings gently like a pendulum
This cord and brick connects you to the center of the Earth
It’s an anchor
It grounds you to the weight of the dense center of the Earth
You are settled
Take another deep breath

Move your attention to the top of your head
Imagine a shaft of bright, white light emanating from the top of your head
This light connects you to the heavens
It connects your own divinity to the heavens

Take another deep breath

So, now in your mind’s eye, you have this golden anchor to the Earth and this divine bright light to the heavens
In between these vertical lines, you are connected by your spine
Sit upright so you can very clearly feel the line from the earth to the heavens through your spine

Take another deep breath
With your eyes still closed
Move your attention to your heart
Again, think of it as a fiery, bright light
That radiates from the heart out into the world
Feel that your heart is open
This is your true self
This is your source of power

Take another deep breath

Remember that the vertical line you have created between the Earth and the heavens, as it runs through your spine, does not relate to the horizontal world of cell phones, and text messages, and emails, and Facebook postings, and YouTube videos, and Netflix programming, or the demands on your time of your studies, work, family, or lovers. 

When that horizontal world begins to overwhelm you, remember that you can tap the source of your true self and your power by envisioning that vertical line. 

Gently open your eyes.

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