Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School: Imagining Your Future in Law School and Beyond

A tunnel, an archway, and the view beyond.  

I used these images in a guided meditation with our new 1Ls to help them capture their subconscious dreams for their law school careers and their future as lawyers.  

Here's the text I used.  Before launching into it, I took the students through the Getting Vertical Meditation described here

Again, I want to thank my business coach, Christine Kane, for inspiring this meditation. 

Tunnel, Archway, and View Beyond Meditation
Inspired by Christine Kane (as remembered by Paula Marie Young)

Now imagine yourself at the mouth of a passage-way or tunnel

You cannot yet see the end of it

But you take a step into it

You are entering three stages of your career at law school

The first stage represents your first year in law school, where you begin to learn the jargon, and the ways of thinking, and analysis, and begin to develop the professional relationships you will have for the rest of your life

Now imagine taking a step into the second stage of your law school career – the second year. 

Now you have more confidence, more knowledge, and more comfort that you can master whatever comes your way.  You focus more on skill building.

Now take a moment to focus on the passage way.  What does the floor, walls, and ceiling look like to you at each of these stages?

Now take a step into the third stage of the tunnel, your final year in law school.  Now you are busy with co-curricular competitions, and applications to take the bar exam, and leadership positions in student organizations, and law review editing, as well as course work.

And then ahead of you, you can now see a large archway.  What form does it take?  What is it made of?  What are its contours and adornment?

Now take a step towards the archway and look out on the view beyond.  What unfolds for you there?  
What is the future you imagine for yourself, your family, and your career?  What does your heart tell you about that future?

Now bring your attention back to your breathing.  Feel the calm that exists throughout you.  You have the path in your mind to your success as a law student and as a lawyer.  Return to that image when you need to.  It expresses the open, courageous, generous, and loving servant’s heart of a lawyer.  It represents the source of your power.  It represents your true self.

Gently open your eyes. 

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