Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School: Successful 2013 Summer School Program

In response to interest expressed by our students, Appalachian School of Law offered several summer school courses that met students' scheduling and geographic needs.

These courses further benefit students by giving them options to pursue interests that our bar-focused curriculum makes more challenging during the regular school year.  

The courses made it much easier to satisfy the requirements of two certificate programs: the Lawyer as Problem-Solver certificate and the Natural Resources Law certificate. 

More than fifty (50) students registered for the four courses offered in the summer of 2013:
  • Workers' Compensation [and ADR],
  • Oil & Gas Law,
  • Law Office Practice, and
  • Renewable [Energy Sources]. 
For a description of the courses, see our catalog.


Several years ago, Appalachian School of Law tried to offer a more traditional law school format with courses scheduled during the months of June or July.  A few students found these offerings attractive, but most students needed to live elsewhere during the summer to work and make some money.  An Evidence course, taught remotely by Associate Professor Derek Howard via a web-based platform, served the needs of some of those students.

New Summer Program

This past summer (ouch; summer is gone) we met the needs of working students by offering summer school courses scheduled closely after the spring semester ended in May or closely before the fall semester began in August.  We offered them in one- or two-week intensive formats to meet the ABA-established criteria for required classroom time, while allowing students to spend most of May and all of June and July in other locations.

Future Offerings
In 2014, Appalachian School of Law will offer additional courses in the May and August intersession.  We may also offer a January intersession.

For more information about the intersession offerings, contact our Registrar at 276-935-4349 or at  

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